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Gemma/Joan/Loretta Boblina

24 March 1989
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like me, love me, hate me, you're suck with me

My name is Gemma and I am a 17 from the good ol' sussex country side.
I was born and grew up here in East Sussex, but I really want to move to Las Vegas cuz I like the lights.
I love lots of stuff, and if ya look down you can see some of it.
The rest is hidden in my memory.
I like Films and Tv and plays as well as books and poetry and theatre and stuff.
I have no idea what I want to do with my future and the means I've done nothing with my past.

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Date Created:16/03/2006
Number of Posts: 47

Gemma is a 17 year old English 6th form student. She likes to read, write, watch tv and be lazy.
Strengths: Friendly, kind, helpful, funny, smart, hard working
Weaknesses: Moody, depressed, lazy, a pig
Special Skills: Writing, icon-making, being obsessive
Weapons: sharp teeth, hard punch
Favourite people: George Lass, George O'Malley, Greg Sanders, Mason, Ryan Wolfe, Temperence Brennan, Zack Addy

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